Chip Millard  B. 1973, Hillsborough, North Carolina.  Father, Husband, Believer, Soccer Player, Photographer, Day Job “Other”, currently of Chatham County, NC.

This blog will be about whatever I want it to be….most likely what I encounter in the Piedmont of North Carolina, my beloved home state.

Disclaimer: Anyone who takes the words and photographs presented here as “fact” or “truth” obviously doesn’t know me personally.

Please don’t use or alter these images or writing on websites, blogs or any other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved.

Contact: chipmillard@yahoo.com


15 thoughts on “About

    1. I swear I have… left comments… like “churches, still and widowed midweek at all unpaved vanishing points.”

      At the very least, it is what I wrote in my poetry journal upon viewing your recent series of photos.

  1. Hello, I stumpled upon you blog while searching for tractor pictures or videos. I am doing my first Tractor Cruise as a fund raiser for the school my son goes to and just wanted to send you a link to see if yoit was something that interested you. You can go to my blog and then to links for the Tractor Cruise but easier to got to http://wef.wikispaces.com/tractor+cruise
    I can not tell from what I have read so far if you are a tractor entusiast or just interested. Let me know if you would want o come be a part of our event. JEFF

  2. Ran across your blog of pictures of Bynum NC. My grandmother lived in Bynum and I used to spend a month each summer. My grandmother’s house was on themain road just before you got into Bynum coming from Allen Barbequ. I remember the General Store. Back then it was owned by the Harris’s and they lived up the road behind the store. Had great times there in summer. I am now 59 years old and live in the suburbs of Chicago.

  3. Did you see the Beef Burger or The Rose massage parlor on Lee Street? Longtime establishments. The Rose is very near the Industries of the Blind.

  4. Current owner of the “Turner-White Apt. building known now as Whitehall Apartments in Yanceyville, NC Thank you for taking the time to notice and appreciate the uniqueness of the property. Would love to share the knowledge we have about the building with you and you may have further info that would be of interest to us.
    Let’s talk….

  5. Found you through a search of North Carolina Mountain photos on Google. Do you ever visit Mount Mitchell or Chimney Rock? I love those areas of N.C. and have driven up many times. Love Asheville too and hope to move there someday (if I can ever secure a job in that area..!). Wish I could win the Power Ball Lottery so I could buy Overlook Castle on Town Mountain Road…

  6. Hey Chip; we checked out your most recent additions as per KP’s FB post. Great pictures but the kids with cocker spaniel statue freaked us out – clownish? but stone? The portraits are terrific.

  7. I was looking for the Thanksgiving pictures!!!!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy perusing your work, some very interesting info and pixs. Looking forward to a day we can spend time there and just go wandering.

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