Anathoth Community Garden, End of Year Fundraiser: Last Day, “I Unite the Givers and Receivers, and Know Not the Difference.”


Hi friends!

Last day of the end of year fundraiser, and the last day you can make a tax-deductible contribution and have it count for tax year 2016!  I don’t think I’ll make my $500 goal, but am so grateful for the $200 4 kind souls have given! And if you are reading this, consider making a small donation so I can make it to the halfway point of $250!

My fundraising page where you can make a donation is here.

Every time I work with Anathoth; volunteer at a work day, work through a board meeting, donate money; it all feels like a gift to me! A small bit of that peace Anathoth pushes to create. The greatest gift I received through Anathoth happened on November 19th, the Saturday night when Anathoth’s annual “Thanks-For-Giving” event occurred. Approximately 150 people get together to raise money for Anathoth Community Garden, enjoy an evening of good fellowship, food from Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe, music, and a few words from people who work with Anathoth, sharing small reflections about their experience.

One person who shared a reflection was Thomas Day (pictured below), a gentleman whose mother participates in the HarvestShare program. He stood up at the microphone and showed everyone one of the cardboard produce boxes Anathoth Community Garden packs fruit and vegetables in before delivering each week.  Mr. Day said a few words about how much these vegetables meant to his elderly mother, especially the time Anathoth staff and interns spent talking with his mom, then read aloud this poem he had written.  Please read it!  His poem brought tears of joy to my eyes, at the beauty of his writing, and also the picture he created with words of why Aanthoth Community Garden matters, and exists to serve others.

Again…last time I get to ask in 2016, consider making a donation to Anathoth at my fundraising page here.
“Anathoth Box”: A Poem

Thomas Day is an Anathoth supporter whose 91-year-old mother, Lucie White, is a HarvestShare participant. Thomas still farms the land where he grew up, on the border of Cedar Grove and Efland — even while working as a systems administrator. Read more about his mother, Lucie White, in this 2014 newsletter, under “A generous gift of greens.” (Photo: Thomas on the right, with Anathoth board chair Catherine Lee on the left.)

At the Thanks-For-Giving dinner, Thomas read a poem he wrote, imagining the perspective of a HarvestShare box!

“Anathoth Box”

I am Anathoth Box.
I come to your home filled to the brim with garden vegetables so nutritious.
All who partake say my contents are so delicious.
I was built by design on a sliding scale,
now all the fortunate and less fortunate can enjoy and prevail.
I am lined with Love Hope and Charity.
I Anathoth Box give Love Hope and Charity,
because i have been filled with Love Hope and Charity.
I am you. I am Anathoth Box.
I unite the givers and receivers and know not the difference.
I am Anathoth Box.
I am symbolic of Community.
Now in you home unpacked I sit.
I await a new destination, embracing the journey.
While I am here and I just say ” Love Y’all”
I am Anathoth Box.

+ + +

A reminder: You can easily get updates about workday activities and see snapshots of life at the garden by “liking” Anathoth’s Facebook page here.

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