A View of Cape Cod Massachusetts, The Ocean State Job Lot Store and Parking Lot on Main Street (Route 28) in Dennis Port


The Ocean State Job Lot Store in Dennis Port Massachusetts.  Moments before this photograph was taken I was south of Route 28 (Main St.) and decided to take a left onto Main Street to travel to the above store.  As I approached the intersection (without a stoplight) I noticed that another driver was facing me on the other side of Main Street, with her blinker indicating she would turn right (the same direction I wanted to travel in).  I waited for her to turn onto Main Street first, as she had the right of way.  The driver was slow in turning, but I understood, as pulling out in front of the aggressive drivers that populate Cape Cod in the summertime is a blood sport.

While waiting, a car pulled up behind me in the street, a big hulking SUV driven by a middle-aged woman.  Almost instantly she started honking her horn at me, as if I was not pulling into the street (ignoring on-coming traffic and the other driver with the right of way) fast enough for her.  The driver behind me continued to honk, and when I finally looked into my rear-view mirror to see what was the matter, the woman pulled her vehicle nearer mine and threw both hands up in the air, as if my very being was impeding her right to live her life as she saw fit.

My nerves already frayed almost to the breaking point from my environment in Cape Cod the past 48 hours, I just had to know what I was doing to make this human being so upset with me when it was pretty clear another car in southbound lane was the first to pull onto Main Street.   I moved my car into “park,” then as calmly as I could, with a sort of  hangdog look on my face, exited my car, leaving the car door open, and walked toward the SUV, the source of all the incessant car horn honking.  I found the driver’s side window down as I approached it, and with every ounce of serenity I could muster asked the woman why she had chosen to honk her horn at me continuously, when it was clear I had to wait for the other person to go first?

She glared at me, assumed a more defensive stance in her car (I cannot prove so, but think she moved her hand towards the window button, ready to move the window up), and said in what I can only assume was her most spiteful tone, “You’re an asshole!”

I really could think of nothing to say to that.  To repeat back to her.  Or to strike at this person with.  Thinking that her words and actions seemed “par for the course”  I just started laughing.

The woman put her SUV in “reverse,” then “drive,” drove around my car and  into the oncoming traffic lane.  Once around my car she quickly looked down the left side of Main Street, then turned sharply to the right, onto the busy road.  Away from me and the Ocean State Job Lot Store of Dennis Port Massachusetts.


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