If you are a regular reader/viewer of this blog, or maybe you just stumbled upon this today, I ask that you check out this new web site I have recently put together, http://www.chipmillardmakesphotographs.com.

I built this as a portfolio review site; something juried exhibitions, contests and other interested parties request as an easier way to view photographs.  I will add new portfolios as I complete them.

This does not mean I will not continue to add to this web site, or “weblog” as my “2001 self” likes to refer to it as.  I so enjoy adding photographs and writing to this site.

If you are one of the dozen or so regular visitors to https://chipmillard.wordpress.com, I sincerely ask that you look over www.chipmillardmakesphotographs.com, then offer your thoughts.  You can contact me at chipmillard@yahoo.com.  I’d love to know if there is something you like, something you hate, something you would like to see added, etc.  If there is a photograph you would like to have for yourself, you can let me know that too.

Chip Millard


One thought on “www.chipmillardmakesphotographs.com

  1. Can’t imagine what was causing your original stress level!!!!!! This poor woman was probably trying to get to the dog house before everything got cold.
    Was great to see you as usual, when it all calms down it will mean we are dead I’m afraid. Hope business stays healthy and give those kids a hug for me. Tell Krista her mother is the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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