Scenes from a LEGO Builders Meet and Show Entitled “LEGOpaloooza;” an Annual Event at the Morehead Planetarium Ball Room on the Campus of UNC in Chapel Hill North Carolina

Top: A Framed Rendition of the Carolina Hurricanes Flag Symbol Constructed of LEGOs Stands in a Corner in Front of a Painting of a “Founding Father” of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Middle:  Another “Founding Father”  Peers Down at a LEGO palooza Event Exhibitor Interacting with His Cell Phone.  The Gentleman’s Two Exhibits Were Crowd Favorites; a Rendition of the Star Wars Hoth Battle from “The Empire Strikes Back Movie,” and a LEGO made Ewok Village Invoking a Scene from “The Return of the Jedi.”

Bottom:  An Exhibitor Eats a Banana While Visitors Ogle at His Moorish Design Castle, Courtyard, and Village Made Entirely of LEGOs He Cleverly Named “Brickistan.”


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