Framed Mention in Magazine About the Portsmouth School in Portsmouth Village North Carolina

The magazine clipping, framed and hung on the wall of the Portsmouth School, reads, “Smallest School.  The smallest school in North Carolina, from number of students enrolled, (and probably the smallest in the United States) is located at Portsmouth.  One-half of the student body of this school is pictured below, and that queer looking bird is not a gigantic sea gull, but an albatross. (Story about albatross elsewhere in this edition).  Mrs. Abner Dixon, teacher of this smallest school, is shown in the insert.  The two pupils shown are Myrtle and Doris Midgette, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. John Midgette., residents of the island community on the southside of Ocracoke.- (Photo by Aycock Brown)”

(click on photograph for full size image)


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