Old Farmstead in the New Hope Township of Orange County North Carolina






An old farmstead in the New Hope township of Orange County North Carolina.  Foundations remain; of a house, a well, a summer kitchen, barns.  A chimney stands sentinel over lots of debris, unearthed by a local logging crew whom recently came in and cleared brush, readying the land for sale.  To a developer or one of the newly minted, looking for land outside of Chapel Hill to build a mansion in the woods.

Personal belongings of the family remain, a swing set, rusted, and in pieces.  A television in a faux wood cabinet.  An old kerosene heater.  Bed springs.  Trash also hangs around, under the leaves and even in the well.  Beer cans and bottles of malt liquor, left over from a time when the house was unoccupied and high school kids found refuge from the watchful eye of parents and the law.

Towering over the chimney, the trash, the road, and all the underbrush is a massive tree, here before all the rest.  Maybe planted as a survey marker on the old farm, or perhaps shielded from the saw by way of offering great shade for the old house’s backyard.



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