Small Piedmont Barn in Yadkin College North Carolina



(click on photograph for full size image)



14 thoughts on “Small Piedmont Barn in Yadkin College North Carolina

  1. The barn is on the property called Glendale owned now by me, but originally built by T.S. Dale who owned a tobacco factory. Great piece of history in the Yadkin College community.

    1. Thanks for telling me more! That is one of the most beautiful barms I have ever encountered in the N.C. piedmont. Your whole property was just wonderful to look at as I walked down the street. I tried to build up the courage to knoock on the door and ask if I could take more photographs, but did not.

      You live in a magical place, enjoy it.

  2. Quite a bit of history. House was built by T. S. Dale and named after his daughter Glenna. T. S. Dale owned a tobacco factory. The barn has been photographed many times throughout the years.

      1. Hi
        My name is Steve Craver. My uncle Gladstone Plott Craver was the last of the Cravers to live there. My family and I have many memories of the “home place” to include crawling through every inch of that barn, the house, and grounds both before and after improvements were made. I remember spending a great deal of time with my Grandmother Glenna Dale Craver and Grandfather Herman Craver there at Yadkin College. My Father was Jefferson Roswell Craver. T.S. Dale was my Great, Great Grandfather
        Please believe that we are so thankful that you have taken such great care of the place. I would enjoy sharing information with you.

      2. Thanks for the response. If anyone has any comments, please reply to me at I don’t usually check this site as it was by my daughter and told me of the responses.
        The barn does, in fact, bring back many memories. The house and grounds bring back even more. I would enjoy reliving those memories with anyone.
        My Daughter Stephanie can run circles around me on the computer and can find more information about my family than I can.
        We have managed to trace my uncle Plott’s (and mine) ancestry as far back as to Andreas Craver who immigrated from Germany on the Passenger Ship Neptune. Very little information exists on the Dales, most of which is word of mouth from my aunt Mary Ann Craver (wife of Douglas M. Craver)
        Incidentally, my mother was Thelma Leonard Craver born 1910. Also have a lot of information on the Leonards.

      3. In my last post, I indicated that we had traced the our Craver ancestry back to Andreas Craver immigrating to PA on board the Neptune. Actually, my Mother’s lineage goes back to Valentine Leonhardt who sailed to PA on the Neptune in 1746, not Craver. Andreas, also from Germany, was born in 1704, and immigrated to PA around 1734. We have not been able to trace the ship. We do know that Plott’s gggggf was a privateer (pirate) on board the AMERICA. Sorry for the confusion. I guess I shouldn’t be stressing my brain at 10:30 P.M.

    1. I would love to meet you, and I would love to hear more. We are related by the way through a cousin of my mothers.

      1. I was not sure how to get back to this post. Did so by accident. We are definitely related. Valentine was also a relative. Wish I knew how to contact you. Would love to meet you and your family. I want to know more of the history. Some I know from my Aunt and Uncle Lila and Lester Reed. Also, from my mother’s cousin Beatrice Shoaf Everhart. Please try to get in touch.

  3. Hi Steve and Paula,
    My mother, Alma Aaron Efird, went to school with your uncle, Plott Craver. She knew him well. She and Paula’s, mother were sisters. My mother was about two or three years older than Paula’s mom, my Aunt Jean. Paula and I are cousins. My mother was born in 1923 and graduated from Lexington Sr. High in 1940. She passed away last year. When Paula got Glendale, Mother mentioned that she remembered Plott Craver living there.
    Our aunt and uncle, Lila and Lester Reed owned “Three Brooks Farm” on Friendship Church Rd.
    After Uncle Lester passed away in 2004, his house was razed; so sad. But he had an incredible barn built in about 1843. All hand hewn notched timbers. It may still be standing~not sure.
    However, the barn at Glendale is so unique and beautiful. It really is a magical property. Paula has a wonderful artistic sense and great God-given artistic ability. She is a natural designer and decorator. She respects the antiquity, and anything she does will be with the home’s history in mind.

  4. I wonder why Chip did not include a picture of the front of the barn. It is so pretty. It is pretty from any angle though, and the picture he showed is very nice. The front is just so very unique, the way it is made.

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