Yadkin College, Unincorporated Sign, Entering the Historic District of Yadkin College North Carolina


(click on photograph above for full-size image)


Unincorporated Communities in North Carolina  are not governed by a municipality (a city or town), but fall under the jurisdiction of the county in which they are contained.  The county levies taxes, but also provides services (waste removal, law enforcement, etc.)

There are thousands of unincorporated communities in North Carolina, places in rural areas that at one time in the past served as a small village or town, a railroad stop, or in Yadkin College’s case, a place of higher learning.  Progress did not continue in these communities for a thousand different reasons, and today the communities are tied together more because of history and shared experience than in a need for local government. 

Some unincorporated communities are marked by signage, as in the sign in the photograph above.  The sign is placed on Yadkin College Road just as you crest the ridge the village lies on.  And, as you continue down the road, old houses and flora most popular 50-200 years ago along the roadside clue you into the fact you have entered the Yadkin College historic district.



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