A Stairway to Heaven in Hillsborough North Carolina






Top:  Small concrete statue of an angel, in the (new) Hillsborough North Carolina Town Cemetery.  The statue, not part of the double headstone, lies just in front.  A token or gift left by a family member or friend of the deceased, like flowers or American Flags.  Grass has been cut and kicked upon the statue, likely by a lawn mower or weed eater.  The mower may have also separated the statue from its base.

The angel statue is not of the quality of the headstone, concrete instead of granite.  The theme  is the stereotypical “Cupid'” as there is a quill of arrows hiding on the ambiguously gendered angel’s back, just in front of the wings.  The sculptor or designer of this statuary captured what may have been envisioned as a rapturous pose; but what resulted in a look of sheer terror.  A child; scared, eyeless, contorted.  Looking back at a scene not in front of him, but in his mind.  A look much like that of the “drug crazed abandon” the women in the 1936 movie “Tell Your Children” (Reefer Madness) possess after one toke of a marijuana cigarette.

Bottom:  Intriguing grave in the (new) Hillsborough North Carolina Town Cemetery.  The headstone lists the deceased’s name, and his nickname, “Crazy.”  Crazy’s headstone shares an epitaph, “Born To Lose,” reminiscent of Ted Daffan’s classic Country Music song.  The monument also contains imagery usually not seen together, a cross and the outline of a marijuana leaf.  Crazy was just 22 when he died.

A stone also rests at the foot of his grave, and from the inscription (“Family and Friends of Crazy”) it is inferred that his friends and family offered this monument for their young friend.  Imagery on the foot stone incorporates stairs, clouds and angels to invoke a then-popular, now classic song, Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.”


One thought on “A Stairway to Heaven in Hillsborough North Carolina

  1. Digging the new banner, Chip.

    Interesting post too. Mysteries of what the deceased were like when they were alive and of how they died. I bet Crazy earned his nickname.


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