Drive In in Durham North Carolina






Top:  Sign affixed to chain link fence completely surrounding the automotive repair service business at 715 Rigsbee Avenue, in the Central Park District.  The chain link fence being a clear reminder that this area of Durham, currently promoted, and slowly becoming, a downtown destination of art and culture, complete with fitness centers, farmers markets, art studios and gourmet cupcakes; was very recently an area of town where anything not bolted down or completely fenced-in could disappear overnight.

Bottom:  Sign painted on brick at Liberty Warehouse, a former tobacco warehouse that encompasses an entire city block.  The sign is visible on the Rigsbee Avenue side.  The reference to a “Drive In” is not that of the drive in movie variety, with outdoor movies in a former field.   The sign is rather an advertisement for one of the modern conveniences of the Liberty Warehouse when newly constructed.  Farmers could drive their trucks loaded with tobacco into the warehouse, for unloading  and auction, instead of unloading outside the warehouse.


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