Medical Workplaces in the “City of Medicine,” Durham North Carolina





 Top:  The entrance to Watts Hospital, at Broad St. and West Club Blvd.  Watts Hospital operated at this site from 1909 until 1976, when it was closed in anticipation of Durham County General.  For the majority of its open years, Watts operated as the hospital for whites, while Lincoln Hospital near North Carolina Central University operated to serve Durham’s black population.  In 1980 the buildings and grounds were re-opened as the campus of the North Carolina School for Science and Mathematics, a residential public school devoted to concentrated study of science and math for approximately 650 North Carolina high school students. 

The building, 8 blocks from my workplace, is of considerable interest to me, as Watts Hospital was the place of my birth, in January 1973.

Bottom:  Concrete and glass medical office of R. Carl Britt MD, a physician practicing Internal Medicine.  The thin building sits on Lamond Ave., a mostly residential street of late 1800 and early 1900 Victorian style houses.  Lamond Ave. is the closest street of the Trinity Park neighborhood to downtown, and features 3 or 4 medical offices such as the above.  The offices were most likely located here due to the close proximity of what was, until 2005, the North Carolina Specialty Hospital, a block away on Main Street.  In 2005 the North Carolina Specialty Hospital moved to a newly constructed building near Durham Regional Hospital.


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