Overhead Illumination from the 1960’s in Durham North Carolina






Top:  Overhead lights tower over a deserted former Gulf brand fuel station.  Across the street, in the parking lot of a former Texaco brand fuel station, stands an Airstream camping trailer converted into a mobile restaurant.  “Daisy Cakes,” a purveyor of cupcakes, pastries and coffee sets up shop in the parking lot every Saturday morning.

Bottom:  Overhead lighting spaced consistently throughout the former car lot of the Weeks-Allen Lincoln Mercury Dealership.  An empty building of some character, complete with a half-dozen garage doors, stands to the right of the photograph’s frame.  A single-wide trailer languishes at the far end of the car lot.  The concrete slab currently stands as an excellent place to study how weeds can grow through cracks in concrete, what televisions look like when thrown against the ground, and how beer bottles can survive intact an inordinately long amount of time when scattered in a seldom used space.


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