Shade in Yanceyville North Carolina







Top: View under one-story metal carport, looking toward now empty building that housed an automotive dealership / mechanic shop.  Though I am not sure, the metal structure providing shade, from similar structures I have seen nearby in Burlington and Hillsborough, was built to house automobiles for sale.  The structure would provide respite from rain and high temperatures to give a prospective buyer more reason to peruse the automobiles during sales hours.  Oil and other automotive lubricants pool on the asphalt ground, providing reflection of the sunny day just a few feet outside of the structures perimeter.  The view out also includes, to the left, a view of Court Square and the Caswell County Courthouse.

Bottom:  View from the entrance doors of the Caswell County Courthouse, looking through the shady portico out to Court Square and the war memorials.  The venerable stones, worn by years of foot traffic, also reflect the sunlight beyond.


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