Little Car Wash in Yanceyville North Carolina






Top:  Sign advertising the site as that of “Little Car Wash.”  Though faded, the sign begins with “25 cents.”  I enjoy the open ended question this sign does not answer.  Is this the “Little” Car Wash?  Proudly owned by a local family with last name Little?  Or, is the sign describing the car wash, “little?” 

The car wash is….was little, as is everything in Yanceyville, when compared to how it is in your town or city.  Just a bit smaller; less bays at the car wash, less stoplights, less restaurants.  The answer to why is “economy.”  There are less people in Yanceyville than where you live, less feet to beat it up the street to wash their car or eat in a restaurant or buy groceries.

Beyond the sign, in the background looks toward the town square, and the Caswell County courthouse.

Bottom: View of the site of the former “Little Car Wash.”  The car wash building must have been two bays wide, from looking at the drain, now clogged, under the puddle in the foreground, and the drain, dry, to the right in the photograph.  No building still exists.  To the left of this site is, from the looks of the building, a former convenience store.  There is no current operating business.  Beyond the concrete, separating this former car wash from a trailer court, is an area with picnic tables, trash cans, a recliner, now re-purposed for the outdoors.  People, some children, but mostly adults, congregate here on most days.  Sitting, talking, walking up the street and back, seven days a week.


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