Lee Street Corridor, Greensboro North Carolina; UNC-Greensboro Area






Top: Large tire used as advertisement to lure customers on Lee Street to Curry Tire and Auto Services.

Bottom:  Small, coin-operated merry-go-round in front of “Beef Burger,” a long-time fast food restaurant on Lee St.  Beef Burger is said to be one of only two locations still operating as a Biff Burger (BIFF short for “Best in Fast Food”) franchise.  Biff Burger started out in the 1950’s, touting hamburgers never fried, but cooked in the patented “Roto-Broiler”.  The restaurants spread as a franchise system all over the American Southeast in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  The parent company went out of business around 1976, and the franchisee in Greensboro changed the name to “Beef Burger” to side-step any copyright infringement.  Beef Burger is seen in the movie “Bull Durham” when the Durham Bulls visit the Greensboro minor league team for a game.


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