Alamance Battleground, near Alamance North Carolina








Top: North Carolina State Historical Marker G24, erected in 1939, noting the Battle of Alamance on May 16, 1771.

Middle:  Stone Table with Bronze Marker erected in 1941 lays out a short summary of events occuring on May 16, 1771, along with map of battle.  Wooden structure and gravel road turnout allows a safe, shaded or dry view, depending on the weather, of the stone monuments on site.  This angle also affords a view facing the advance of the loyalist militia of approximately 1,000 men, under the direct command of Royal Governor William Tryon.

Bottom: Granite monument, in obelisk style, surrounded by a circle of boxwoods.  The monument was erected on the site of the Battle of Alamance in 1880, by local government.  Each of the 4 sides are marked: “Liberty” with a small, simple picture of crossed cannons underneath, “1880,” “First Battle of the Revolution,” and a one sentence summary of the Battle of Alamance, along with date of occurrence on the 4th side.


One thought on “Alamance Battleground, near Alamance North Carolina

  1. I must say I am taken with the “blues” you’ve captured…this vast expanse of sky speaks in the majority of your pieces in various tenors and tones…stealing the show. It is as if behind these things we build, these histories we keep, there above awaits an ever shifting, ever radiant truth. Hmmm… thank you, friend, for these stories you tell.

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