Happy Holidays





Happy Holidays to you.  Merry Christmas, if you are O.K. with my saying that.  I wish you a wonderful holiday with two pictures of my children.  

The first is of my daughter, proudly standing beside one of two wreaths we made to adorn the huge cedar posts that stand sentry at the beginning of our driveway.  We found the pine cones and holly branches in our yard, and finished the wreaths off with a bow from the store.

Yes, I like to make wreaths.  Want to laugh or make a dumb joke now? Go for it.  I like to cook and make wreaths and garden, and if I had a little less shame, I’d have a subscription to “Martha Stewart Living.”  As it stands now, I just sneak a peek at MSL when I am at the library.  I have some good friends that know these secrets about me, and a few years back they presented me with a cartoonish picture of a gentleman with the physique and hairline of Mr. Clean, hammering away with a jackhammer.  His t-shirt reads, “Martha Stewart Rules.”

My daughter sports a red nose in the photograph.  Her and her brother had been singing the “Rudolph” song over and over, and found a quick path to Rudolph’s world with a red magic marker.  She also holds a content smile, one of pride in the wreath she really helped me put together.  

In the second photograph my son stands in front of what would make a great Christmas tree for a town square.  This picture was made just after Thanksgiving, on a frosty morning.  My son looks dressed, but is still holding fast to his pajama bottoms.  This is something he’d do daily if we gave him the chance.

The Christmas spirit has encountered a tough path to my heart this year.  The busyness and tough times of my work life have left little time for it so far.  Plus, as I get older, the magic recedes, only slowing now that I have children of my own.

But, those same children finally reminded me what the Christmas spirit is all about Charlie Brown.  My wife and I have asked them for 3 weeks what they want for Christmas.  Neither would answer with a list.  After I repeatedly asked, both mentioned they knew they would receive surprises from Santa, and they were excited to see what they were.  My wife thought she could draw something out of them with a trip to see Santa.  When asked by the big man himself, both just answered they would like a stuffed puppy doll.

What good kids.  What innocence.  I hope the innocence can hold on for years.  They deserve it.

One thought on “Happy Holidays

  1. Chip,
    That is so sweet! You write well about your little red nosed, pj clad kiddos. It’s been fun to watch them grow and develop their own personalities. I’m glad to hear that they are still so innocent when it comes to the magic of Santa.

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