Chatham County Power Rangers



A week ago we celebrated our son’s birthday.  We always ask our children what kind of birthday party they want, and for his 4th, he said he wanted a “power rangers party.”  He is not exactly sure what power rangers are, and could not tell the difference between a power ranger and a transformer, but he does know power rangers wear solid color jumpsuits and jump and kick with amazing, consistent regularity.

So, my wife threw a wonderful birthday party, devising a “power ranger training camp” the attendees had to go through to get to the cake and ice cream portion of the event.  All attendees seemed to have a great time, especially when water balloons appeared.

An hour before the party began, our children went and found something in their dress up clothes that approximated power ranger outfits, and I asked if I could take a picture of them on the front porch to remember the day.


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