Building Confidence


Work and personal have combined for confidence level to shoot from low to redline.  I am chalking that up to words and actions, but maybe its because I look at least once a day at the above picture I made recently at a Tractor Pull, of the Carolina Coin Binder.  A customized International brand tractor, built exclusively for the NTPA set (  I have seen some bad ass pull tractors before, but never have I seen chrome mags in tractor wheel size.

The guy who was getting this off the truck to compete was a wiry little guy with a mustache just like my hero’s (Tom Decker in CBS’s “Swingtown), whose magnified strut mirrored the testosterone the tractor itself projects.  I love the American way; let’s not just see if we can make something better, let’s see if we can bring something to the point of comical excess.

Walking around the back of the tractor, just below the seat, about eye level with my six foot frame was the best bumper sticker the NASCAR crowd has ever offered, “Ain’t Skeered!”


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