Raleigh Rickshaws


Two Raleigh Rickshaws make their way up Franklin Street, 08/22/2008, 11pm
Two Raleigh Rickshaws make their way up Franklin Street, 08/22/2008, 11pm

Friday night we made our way after dinner to what I guess is West Franklin Street (the bearable strip of storefronts between the Franklin Street the college kids, and the business that cater to them, ruin to the East, and Carrboro, which is so important it should have its own post) newest tenant, The Crunkleton (www.thecrunkleton.com).  This bar, despite my initial apprehension at the fact the space the bar occupies was formerly my favorite part of The Bookshop, where all the North Carolina paraphernalia was, ended up being a nice, neighborhood bar, with an easy-going spirit, the largest selection of liquor and the nicest bathrooms I have ever seen in a bar.

Fun and merriment was had by all in attendendence I knew; and around 11pm, we decided to retire to a friend’s house in Carrboro, 10 blocks away at the most.

Said friend hailed down two bicycle rickshaws to get us those 10 blocks, in Chapel Hill, eco-friendly style.  The Raleigh Rickshaws seemed to be an odd name, but our driver, or pedaler, let it be known the company started, and flourishes in downtown Raleigh, NC, and they had just started to make a go on Franklin Street, where many inebriated people who feel 10 blocks is too far of a go also congregate at night.

The drivers, there were two rickshaws in my party, turned out to be wonderful guys, who genuinely seemed to be enjoying their job, and their constant source of exercise. (A friend I rode with suggested I could end my persistent belly with a rickshaw job, so if Raleigh Rickshaws read blogs, let me know)  When we reached our destination, they, in a true Chapel Hill sense of brotherhood and communism I remember from growing up here in the 70’s and 80’s, gave us their card in case we needed a ride again, and then announced they only worked for tips.  

I enjoyed my rickshaw ride, with my friends A and K, seen here below, as we whizzed by on Franklin Street.


A and K, peace!  08/22/2008, 11pm
A and K, peace! 08/22/2008, 11pm

My lovely wife thinks A is d-r-e-a-m….wait for it….meeeeeeeeeeeee.  This summer night, in the swirl of the breeze, and the blur of the incandescent lights, and with the limitations of my camera, he was.


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