Music on Bynum’s Front Porch

We pulled a lucky lot in life. Many feel we live too far from civilization (eight miles from the nearest town with a fast food restaurant, if that is how you measure). But, we live just 5 miles from a Friday night music series in Bynum, NC.

Better yet, the music is just how I enjoy it; local and a bit heavy on the alternative country, rock and folk that permeates the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill of North Carolina.

The scene is this; in a 100 square foot patch of grass sandwiched between two old storefronts stands a small stage, and in said patch of grass are about 100 local residents whom turn out Friday nights May through September from 7pm to 9pm to listen to a band. Listeners tend to be one of three groups, young families with kids in the 0-12 range who are jubilant they can actually make it out on Friday night and participate in something remotely as fun and cool as they did before their children were born (I sit squarely in this category), a few hip music lovers/musicians listening intently, and residents of Bynum, who have walked up the hill to see what in the world is going on.

A card table is set up selling Popsicles and lollipops and bottles of water. They do a brisk business at first, until the crowd spills out of the 100 square foot patch of grass around the card table, and into the road.

A better description may be this photograph, taken at the first of the series in 2008, featuring the band “Kelly and the Cowboys.”

This week’s music featured “Southpaw,” a band fronted by Dave Quick that play mostly covers of 1950’s country and rockabilly tunes. All the musicians were wonderful, especially Quick, whom has such a passion for the music, and it shows. He does a version of the Elvis tune, “That’s Alright (Mama)” that just blows me away. I have heard Dave perform this a few times. At first, I thought he did the best version that compared to an early Elvis Presley. Now I just feel Dave sings and performs the song better.
To start the evening off, we invited a dozen people over to our house an hour or two before the Bynum show, for a summer cookout. The menu was divine in its simplicity; hot dogs, potato chips, slaw, and plenty of Miller High Life.


One thought on “Music on Bynum’s Front Porch

  1. Big worldwide respects to da master of all things deep chatham county. I and I field marshal and head creator of da baddest croquet court in whole of northern hemisphere. chippy “dreader than dread” the p’boro crusher, millard!!!!!

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