Originally Posted July 16, 2008- This evening after work I was participating in that summer ritual of trying to tame nature by cutting grass to within an inch of its life (roots), and stumbled upon these glorious mushrooms. These pictures show 4 of the two dozen or so in a 10 foot square area of our yard.

The thunderstorms of the past few nights brought them out I suppose. It must be lonely a centimeter or two under the earth, growing in a spore, waiting out enough rainfall in the drought-prone Piedmont are of North Carolina so you can blast upon the scene of your friends in nature.

This second picture reminds me of something leaders of churches in the area don’t want us thinking about, huh?

The rain also really helped the garden. I picked 10 good size cucumbers, and a yellow crookneck squash or two. Those cucumbers will serve us well the next few evenings, appearing on the supper table in what I feel is the best (and easiest to prepare) side dish in the human history of supper (or, if not human history, at least he history of the American South), cucumbers. Sliced thin and drowned in a half and half mixture of water and apple cider vinegar (White House brand if you can). If they are also in season, you can add to this onions or tomatoes sliced equally as thin, or both.

When I was young, and lived in my parent’s house, this appeared on our supper table nightly from June through August. My mom made this in a big bowl, and my father would ask everyone; my mom and my brother and me, to get whatever out of that bowl we wanted, however much we wanted, just get it the first time. Then he would slide the bowl over next to his plate, and finish the rest in the course of his meal.


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